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Protecting the Skys

Excelsior Defense Airport Security Officers are responsible for the safety of huge numbers of people and very expensive aircraft in addition to airport terminals and surrounding areas. Clearly, the burden is a difficult one and requires the possession and mastering of numerous skills. Passengers and luggage must undergo screening; building, ground crews, and maintenance people must keep things running safely and smoothly; and security officers must maintain the peace in lobbies, terminals, and parking areas. Security officers must be aware of threats not only from terrorists and common criminals but also a myriad of other safety aspects of any complicated air terminal environment.

Excelsior Defense security officers conduct security at airports while maintaining environments in which passengers, accompanying family and friends, employees, and airline personnel are able to conduct their business in a non-threatening atmosphere.

We provide the following services of Uniformed or Plain Clothing Security:

• Screening of Persons, Baggage, and Cargo
• Counter-Surveillance / Perimeter Patrol

Excelsior Defense security officers are able to recognize the differences between the private security function and that of the public police. Our company works in conjunction with law enforcement officers in an assortment of situations.

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