Violence Management Group

Safety in Commercial Settings

Workplace violence has become a real and constant risk in the corporate environment. Companies today must protect their employees not only from external threats such as fire, robbery and disgruntled customers but also from the internal threat of unhappy or mentally unstable employees, especially upon their termination.

If your company faces termination of an employee who may present such a threat, the Excelsior Defense’s Violence Management Group is your prime resource.

Our officers are highly trained in protecting lives and property, and in identifying and managing potentially violent individuals. They will arrive at a pre-determined time and place, maintain the confidentiality of their work, and provide a solid deterrent to the threat or actual acts of violence, remaining on-site until the situation is resolved.

While their purpose is to serve as a deterrent to potential violence, should violence erupt in your workplace during one of these events, our officers are able to take immediate control of the situation and diffuse it as quickly and effectively as possible, minimizing risk to your employees, visitors and property.

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