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Protecting the Waters

Excelsior Defense provides the Moxie Media & SeaSecure Maritime Security ISPS & MTSA Compliance Training Courses to all security officers prior to working at a port assignment. Excelsior Defense security personnel have the necessary background, knowledge, comprehension, and tools which meet or exceed the mandatory training requirements set forth in the IMO’s International Ship & Port Facility (ISPS) Code and the US Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA).

The expected learning outcome for each security officer will include familiarization and understanding of:

• Maritime terrorism and crime
• Vulnerabilities of seaports and ships
• Maritime security policy
• Security responsibilities of government & industry
• Security assessments for ships and seaports
• Security equipment
• Security plans for ships and seaports
• Searches, identification, & response to dangerous weapons
• Security actions & protocols
• Emergency preparedness, drills, and exercises Security administration and reporting requirements outfitting these officers with PPE and other equipment as needed.

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